Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS)
ESS is a technology solutions provider specializing in application development services any level of business. In addition to Business process software development, we provide Full development Skill Set from Web development technologies To All Mobile Platforms (SDK’s) Skillset and All Database development. ESS is a global professional services firm with Capabilities to provide solutions that cater to individual business needs.
what we do is build software that gives you cutting edge technology at the best DevOps ROI.
We deliver reliable and high-quality end-to-end solutions Both software development and web application development along with mobile applications that significantly enhance our client’s competitiveness. By increasing mobility and data accessibility within their current business structure.
we specialize in Customization application development for both Mobile, web and Server base for any business level we can help you innovate your process and increase productivity levels to get the best ROI in maximizing business process need
Our products
(ESS) signature Software Packages First entered into Software Market Share back in 2005 – since 2019 we have launched custom software development packages (SaSs) that cater to business process individual to the business and 100% Customizable to business need and can be on Cloud and or dedicated Server. with the full spectrum of Mobile application bot SDK and web service and dedicated API based for individual business process and need we Specialize in bellow customizable solution development
Custom Relation Ship management (VELOCITICRM)
ERP & Supply Chain Management (VELOCITIERP)
Salesforce Automation (VELOCITISFA)
GEO – Fleet Tracking and Route Optimization (VELOCITIGEO)
Data Mining Solutions
Ticket Master Solutions
AdWords Campaign MGT. Solution
Project Management Tool
Our client commitment is reflected in :
  • Wide variety of solutions, development, and sustenance engineering services.
  • Utilization of our overseas Development Centers (ODC’s)
  • Adherence to quality standards supported by robust business processes tailored to each
    development model we have
  • Adoption of flexible execution methodologies aimed at rapid delivery and cost
Relentless client focus and compelling value propositions have resulted in ensuring our customer’s loyalty and client referrals, headquartered in Kansas, for the past ten(+) years Over the past decade we have built support systems and infrastructure that deliver 24×7 services through its “One World” delivery model. The ESS group employs over 100 IT and development professionals in
our ODC’s. ESS provides services across all stages of development for our customers through its successful strategy of delegating our business units between independent
  • IT Infrastructure Management Services division of ESS
  • QA & Testing services in North America
  • Virtual 24×7 Technical Support & Helpdesk services (for our product line and for our customers throughout the software life cycle)
ESS believes in delivering tangible benefits to its customers, delivering with predictable effort in rapid development, quality and cost. In short, we deliver your customized development solutions right and support it through its life Cycle Financing For Small Business Development through Bill Me Later by PayPal